Incoming students attend the Frog Camp Reunion and Paint Party on the Friday before the first day of classes. Photo by Eric Sasadeusz, August 23, 2018

Incoming freshmen arrive at TCU for orientation. Photo by Amy Peterson, June 26, 2019

Students walk across campus to get to their next class, or mill about and socialize during their free time, March 25, 2019, at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. (AP Photo/Jeffrey McWhorter)

Student Development Services (SDS) maximizes student potential through individual and community development. By overseeing leadership development, community and international involvement, organizational membership, experiential learning, mentoring, transitional programming, and the cultivation of a culture of care, SDS provides students with the opportunity to learn, to lead, to achieve, and to contribute.

Who We Are

SDS staff members are dynamic, innovative individuals who are passionate about mentoring students in their development as ethical leaders and responsible citizens of the global community.

What We Do

• Help develop students in their capacity to think and act as ethical leaders
•Engage students as successful and impactful members of the TCU, local, and global communities
• Create research-based, innovative, and value-adding programming that intentionally addresses issues of student development, transition, retention, and success
• Provide support and resources to parents, families, faculty, and others who influence student development

Our Mission

To maximize student potential through individual and community development.

Our Vision

To be a mutually supportive team of educators providing exceptional developmental experiences that enable students to better understand themselves and their communities and empower them to use their strengths and talents for the greater good.

Our Values

Collaboration—Creating intentional, meaningful, and mutually enhancing relationships to develop strong partnerships that positively impact the lives of others
Caring—Showing care and compassion for others by being open, honest, available and inclusive
Leading by Example—Exemplifying humility, courage, integrity, resolve, genuine service, and accountability
Excellence—Consistently surpassing what is expected
Challenge—Asking purposeful questions, providing specific and non-judgmental feedback
Support—Encouraging commitment in others by being present, inspiring, and motivational

Our Academic Partnerships

In order to most intentionally develop and integrate new students, SDS has developed unique partnerships with Academic Affairs. Programs such as Orientation, Frog Camp, the Common Reading, Model UN, and ongoing transitional and experiential programming create a seamless educational experience for students, in which the co-curricular supports the curricular.

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