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Allies LogoTCU Allies are members of the TCU faculty and staff who welcome, affirm, and celebrate persons in the LGBTQIA communities of Texas Christian University.

Mark Kamimura-Jimenez
Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs


The TCU Allies Pledge

In keeping with TCU’s mission of ethical leadership and responsible citizenship, and serving the University’s core values of academic achievement, personal freedom and integrity, the dignity and respect of the individual, and a heritage of inclusiveness, tolerance, and service, to the best of my abilities I will:

1. Stay informed
I will continue to monitor current events, issues, and resources relevant to the rights, dignity, and wellbeing of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, or asexual or as an ally (LGBTQIA), and especially at TCU.
2. Join in
I will uphold the mission, vision, and values of TCU Allies, participate in LGBTQIA-related activities at TCU as I am able, and encourage others to do the same.
3. Listen carefully
Whenever anyone voices concerns, feelings, or questions about LGBTQIA-related issues, I will listen with empathy, open-mindedness, and respect for the right and responsibility of all people to discover, develop, and express their own identities and understandings.
4. Come out
I will acknowledge and work on any uncertainties or discomfort I may have in identifying myself as an ally. As I grow in confidence, I will more freely inform others that I support the rights, dignity, and wellbeing of people in LGBTQIA communities.
5. Speak up
I will say affirming and supportive things of people in LGBTQIA communities, whether I am responding to an insensitive or hateful remark, countering a false assertion, commenting about a current event, or voicing support for legal equality. I will acknowledge how we as individuals and a society benefit from the presence and freedom of people in LGBTQIA communities.
6. Trust myself
I will acknowledge the limitations of my knowledge and skills, and I will seek the counsel of others. I will trust my best intentions and judgments on when and how to act as an ethical and responsible ally, remaining committed to a process of growth in which I can make mistakes and learn from them.
TCU Allies Mission:
To serve the TCU community by supporting the inclusion, affirmation, celebration, and wellbeing of persons in LGBTQIA communities.
Overarching Goals:
• Providing visible education and outreach programs that encourage responsible citizenship in a safe and inclusive campus community;
• Demonstrating commitment to ethical leadership in the global community by valuing and empowering each individual’s unique voice and contribution on campus and in other communities, and by involvement with LGTBQIA advocacy efforts off campus;
• Connecting with other LGBTQIA advocacy organizations to ensure transparency, sustainability, and improvement of the TCU community’s effort to serve the wellbeing and development of people who identify as members of LGBTQIA communities.
• Maintaining a network of safe and visible resources for students, employees, family, and friends who may have questions, fears, or concerns regarding issues of sexual and gender identities and gender expressions.

TCU Allies Vision:
TCU will have a campus environment of exemplary safety and support, in which all persons are free to openly explore, claim, and express their sexual and gender identities, with complete confidence of inclusion, affirmation, and celebration as fully equal and valued members of the TCU community.

TCU Allies Values:
In serving our mission and moving toward fulfillment of our vision, TCU Allies strive to uphold each of the University’s core values, which are:
• Academic achievement
• Personal freedom and integrity
• The dignity and respect of the individual
• A heritage of inclusiveness and service


Safe Zone training is routinely provided for TCU Allies through the office of Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services. This training is not required in order to identify and be listed as a TCU Ally, but it is strongly encouraged. Safe Zone training is offered once a semester and is open to all TCU faculty, staff, and students. The goals of Safe Zone training are:

To increase the overall campus community’s understanding and awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning or queer, and asexual or ally (LGBTQIA) issues
To provide a greater sense of safety for the LGBTQIA student community
To offer information to straight allies who may be in frequent contact with people who identify as LGBTQIA
To act as a resource of information regarding homophobia, heterosexism, transphobia and other LGBTQIA issues on the TCU campus.
For more information or to sign up for Safe Zone Training, contact April Brown at a.e.brown3@tcu.edu.
Additional training for TCU Allies is available through various entities on campus, including Student Development Services, the Counseling Center, Religious and Spiritual Life, and Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services. If you are interested in more information about training opportunities, contact Chuck Dunning at c.dunning@tcu.edu. While no specific training is required in order to identify as a TCU Ally, to be listed in the directory of TCU Allies it is necessary to commit to the TCU Ally Pledge. If you are a TCU faculty or staff member and hold convictions that align with these statements, we invite you to join us and be listed! (Complete the form here: https://orgsync.com/36800/forms/89543.) Students who wish to become involved as allies should contact the TCU Gay-Straight Alliance at gsa.tcu@gmail.com.