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AddRan College of Liberal Arts

Dave Aftandilian-
Jeremy Albers-, History Department
Ariane Balizet-, Reed Hall 321
Tim Ballingall-
Jodi Campbell-
Rachel Chapman-
Ashley Coles-, Scharbauer 2004H
David Colon-, Reed Hall, 414A
Mark Dennis-, Beasley Hall 309
Brie Susan Diamond-, Scharbauer 4207
Patricia Duncan-, Department of Religion, Beasley 306
J. Sage Elwell-, Beasley Hall
Saffyre Falkenberg-
Emily Farris-, Scharbauer Hall 2007
Theresa Gaul-, Reed Hall
Kurk Gayle-, ENFL/IEP Office, Rickel 244
Ann George-
Mayra Guardiola-
Jason Helms-, Reed 317c
Jack Hill-, Beasley Hall
Jackie Hoermann-, English Department, Reed 402
Charlotte Hogg-, Reed 323 (English Department)
Ashley Hughes-
Linda K. Hughes-, Reed Hall
Sara Kelm-
Todd Kerstetter-, 326 Reed Hall
Nadia Lahutsky-, Beasley 204, Religion Department
Alex Lemon-, Reed Hall
Brad E. Lucas-
Stacie McCormick-, Reed Hall 414C
Celeste R. Menchaca-
Angela Moore-
Joddy Murray-
Claire Sanders-, Reed Hall 134
Kathryn Sederberg-, Scharbauer 3204
Rebecca Sharpless-, Reed 329
Karen Steele-
Stacey Theisen-
Robin Ann Wright-, Scharbauer Hall
Wilton S. Wright-, English Dept Reed 402
Kaleigh Wyrick-, Rees-Jones 217
Amina Zarrugh-

Bob Schieffer College of Communication

Richard Allen-, Moudy Building
Nancy A. Davis-, Moudy South 211
Jacqueline Lambiase-, Moudy Building South
Wendy Macias-, Moudy Building South
R. Colin Tait-

College of Education

Katie Beauleiu-
Carrie Ann Finck-
Jennifer Fletcher-
Jill Gerloff-
Christi Grudier-
Jordan MacAskill-
Karrabi Malin-
Cynthia Montes-
Jenny Moore-, Bailey 305
Steve Przymus-, Palko 328
Alan Ramirez-
Elizabeth Rosales-
Alexandra Terzo-
Frank Thomas-, Bailey 306
EJ Vernon-

College of Fine Arts

Stephanie Bailey-, interior design, design and fashion
Martin Blessinger-, Jarvis 313
Stuart Cheney-
Carrie Conditt-
Susan Douglas Roberts-, Erma Lowe Hall 212
Jennifer Engler-
Roma Flowers-, Erma Lowe Hall (Dance Bldg.)
Sally Fortenberry-
Jessica Fripp-, 223 North Moudy
Adam Fung-, Moudy North 206
Courtney Hendrix-
Nina Martin-, 220 Erma Lowe Hall (dance building)
Adam McKinney-
Kristen Queen-, Jarvis Hall, Room 300A
Donna Smolik-
Amy Stewart-
Jessica Zeller-, Erma Lowe Hall, Room 221

College of Science & Engineering

Victoria Bennett-
Matt Hale-, Biology department
Phil Hartman-
Mike Harville-
Emily Herzig-
Christopher Holland-
Marlo Jeffries-, WIN 521
Becky Johnson-
Clark Jones-, Sid Rich 317
Dennis Ledis-, Tucker Technology Center, Office 306
Rhiannon Mayne-, Mezzanine floor in Sid Richardson (M16)
Tamie Morgan-, 2950 W. Bowie Fort Worth, Tx 76119
Allison Owen-, Tucker Technology
Ken Richardson-
Dick Rinewalt-
Michael Slattery-
Drew Tomlin-, Tucker Technology Center 312

Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Nada Elias-Lambert-, Social Work Department, Bass Building 2nd floor
Amanda Duvall-, Bass 2125
Phil Esposito-, Rickel Building
Melissa Garza-
Lynn Jackson-, Bass 2127
Jennifer Martin-, Social Work Department, 2133 Bass
Tee Tyler-

Neeley School of Business

Danyelle Ackall-, Rogers 161A
Tyson Browning-
Brad Harris-
Lynn Muller-
Mark Muller-
Lin Nelson-
Ray Pfeiffer-
Hettie Richardson-
Abbie Shipp-, 368 Dan Rogers Hall
Gregory Stephens-
Jeff Waite-
Mary Waller-, TOC-A 202
Patricia Walters-
Eric Yorkston-

Other Departments

Christian Briones-, Facility Services, 2901 Sandage Ave
Leah Carnahan-, Title IX, Jarvis 124
Ashley Edwards-, Center for Academic Services, Sadler Hall
Justine Grace-, John V. Roach Honors College, Scharbauer Hall 1016
Lynn Irving Herrera-, John V. Roach Honors College, Scharbauer 1016G
Mariam MacGregor-, Human Resources
Kerrie Meister-, Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence
Cameron Navarro-, Brite Divinity, Harrison 101
Lauren Nixon-, Chancellor’s Office, Sadler Hall
Joanna Schmidt-, Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence
Brooke Shuman-, Alumni Relations
David Stein-, Admissions, Mary Wright Admission Center 126
Daniel Terry-, ePortfolio, Rees-Jones Hall
Nino Testa-, Women & Gender Studies, 218 Rees-Jones Hall
Wendy Williams-, Honors College, Scharbauer Hall 3018C

Student Affairs
Rickel Building

Yvonne Giovanis-
Brad Stewart-

Jarvis Hall

Roxana Aguirre-, Jarvis Hall 220
Todd Boling-, The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life
April Brown-
Timeka Gordon-, Jarvis Hall Suite 205
Jamartae Jackson-
Mark Kamimura-Jimenez-, Jarvis Hall 218
Angela Kaufman-, RSL Offices in Jarvis Hall
Brit Luby-
Jill Whitfield-, Jarvis Hall Office or Moudy South 2nd Floor Ad Lab Office

Samuelson Ground Floor

Alex Auerbach-, CMHC
Bianca Newton-, Samuelson 007 (Garden Level)
Amanda Swartz-, Counseling and Mental Health Center
Linda Wolszon-, Counseling & Mental Health Center

Brown-Lupton University Union

Vanessa Roberts Bryan-
Rosangela Boyd-
Keri Cyr-, Brown-Lupton University Union, 2nd Floor
Philip Dodd-, Student Development Services – BLUU
Chuck Dunning-, BLUU 2003
Eric Ekwueme-
Barbara Brown Herman-, Student Development Services, 2nd Floor
Kay Higgins-, Brown-Lupton University Union, 2nd Floor
Lindsay Knight-, Student Development Services
Trung Nguyen-, Student Development Services, BLUU 2003
Ebony Rose-, BLUU 2003
Laura Shaw-, BLUU, 2nd Floor

Sherley Hall

Mary Ruth Jones-, Housing & Residence Life, Sherley Front Desk