Allies Steering Committee

  • Rev. Todd Boling

    Associate Chaplain
    (817) 257-7830
    Office of Religious and Spiritual Life- first floor of Jarvis Hall

    As an openly gay man and ordained minister, Todd is familiar with the challenge of reconciling sexuality with matters of faith. He has gone through the discernment process with many individuals as they have developed a better understanding of WHO they understand themselves to be, WHY they believe what they believe, WHERE they experience The Divine in the midst of it, WHAT (if anything) might need to change, and HOW they want to live into the reconciliation of their sexuality with their faith. He believes that love conquers all, and wants to be on the journey of helping those in the LGBTQIA community learn to love themselves more.

  • Timeka Gordon

    Director of Inclusiveness & Intercultural Services and Community Scholars Program
    (817) 257-4970
    Jarvis Hall Suite 205

    As an advocate of diversity, equity and inclusion for all; I recognize and celebrate the value of everyone’s uniqueness. In regards to LGBTQIA+ matters, I stand as an ally committed to educating the campus community on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression and supporting LGBTQ+ individuals and identities.

  • Angela Moore

    Doctoral Candidate, Rhetoric and Composition
    (817) 257-7240
    Reed 402, Desk 28

    I helped to create TCU's first graduate student LGBTQIA+ organization--Graduate QUOTA (Queer Union of Thoughtful Academics)--in the Spring of 2016, and have acted as president of that group since then. I recently began facilitating Safe Zone Trainings at TCU, and look forward to facilitating Bystander Intervention Trainings in the near future. I live and teach as an openly queer woman, and position lgbtqia+ matters as integral to not only my teaching and service work, but also my research.

  • Claire Sanders

    Faculty, Department of History
    (817) 257-6289
    Reed 134

    I joined the TCU faculty in the Department of History in the fall of 1998, to teach courses in European history, the history of women in Europe, and the history of France. Fairly quickly I learned that my priority, as one who teaches, is connecting with students. The most usual connection is an academic/professional/classroom connection. But I also strive to be, and to make my office, welcoming for students. Most often, students arrive for an appointment to discuss course content, or an assignment, a few students stay to talk about other things that really matter to them. So, while my involvement with LBTQIA matters has not been direct, I have worked conscientiously to be openhearted to, and open-minded with, all students. As a result of striving to be openhearted and open-minded, I have had students who felt comfortable using me as a resource for more personal issues. In December 2016, I completed the Allies Safe Zone Training, and in the Spring 2017 semester became the faculty representative on the Allies Finance Committee. In my recent academic/professional activities, I have been involved in the initiative that created the African American and Africana Studies minor and the Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies Program. In both of these projects, my colleagues and I have made a point to be attentive to issues of gender and sexual orientation in our discussions of diversity and the role these to academic programs can, and should, play in supporting and increasing diversity on TCU’s campus.

  • Amanda Swartz

    Licensed Psychologist
    (817) 257-7863
    Counseling and Mental Health Center

    I am excited to be part of the TCU Allies steering committee and enjoy being a Safe Zone trainer. I value being a co-leader of the TCU Alphabet Soup group, a place where LBGTQIA+ students can share struggles, concerns, and victories while gaining support. I am thrilled to provide education, support, and a safe place for important dialogue.