3-20-2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19)- Residential Students- Move Out Update

Greetings TCU Parents & Families!   I hope you are all healthy and learning to adjust to our temporary “new normal.”  The Chancellor wrote the students yesterday regarding the University’s plan to continue classes on-line until the end of the semester.  Today, Craig Allen, director of housing & residence life, sent a letter to all […]

TCU Parent & Family Update- 3-12-2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Greetings All!   Below you will find several pieces of information, some of which have been sent to students.  Some of you have seen other items but did not receive them yourself.  Other items were determined this afternoon. Please be advised, each of these was current at the time it was posted.  As we move […]

Coronavirus Information (COVID-19) TCU website

Greetings!   If you are interested in following the TCU updates on COVID-19, please click on the link to the recently-updated FAQ page. https://www.tcu.edu/news/coronavirus.php   All past and future updates will be located here.   TCU Parent & Family Programs