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Laughing With Firoozeh

The TCU Common Reading Committee is pleased to bring Firoozeh Dumas to campus in September. Students are encouraged to reserve their tickets early, as seating is limited.  Firoozeh will discuss Laughing Without an Accent and share more stories about being a global citizen.  Secure your tickets here.


Laughing Without an Accent by Firoozeh Dumas

Born in Iran, Dumas relocated to the United States as a child, where she attended college and met her French husband. In this series of poignant, insightful, and often hilarious anecdotes, Dumas explores the unique challenges and rewards of blending many cultures together. From the complexities of multi-family holidays, to the awkwardness of dating in college, to the joys of food, Laughing Without an Accent reflects on the aspects of life that truly speak across borders.

First-year students will receive the book at June Orientation OR it will be mailed to their permanent home address the first week in July if they do not attend a June Orientation.

Your assignment is to read the book and complete a brief essay in preparation for your Common Reading group discussion on Friday, August 18.  The assignment was given when you received the book, and can also be found on the Submit Your Assignment page.  Your essay is due no later than August 4, 2017.

You will attend the Common Reading discussion with a TCU Faculty or Staff member as a part of your Frogs First schedule.

Please contact with any additional questions.