Leadership Scholars Program

The Leadership Scholars Program is a leadership development program designed to allow students to learn, engage with leadership concepts, and apply them in everyday life. The context and philosophy of the program is based on knowledge, action and growth in order to broaden students’ perspective and increase leadership potential.

To complete the Leadership Scholars Program and receive a leadership medallion at graduation, students must earn a total of 5 leadership credits:

  • 2 Core Seminars – seminars required of every student for completion of the program
  • 3 Elective Seminars – seminars of each student’s choosing from the variety of seminars offered
    • There are occasions where students can receive elective credits through the completion of an approved program or leadership development training experience. See below for instances where this can occur.  In these cases, they are significant leadership development experiences that have been pre-approved by the TCU Leadership Center.
  • You MUST be registered for your participation to count toward the Leadership Scholars Program.


If you have questions, please contact leadership@tcu.edu.  To check your credits, log in to Engage, click on your name and Involvement, which will provide you with a list of credits you have received towards the Leadership Scholars Program.

Spring 2020 Leadership Scholars Calendar