Project 5: Encouragement Cards

Alliance For Children is the children’s advocacy center serving all of Tarrant County. Since 1992, over 55,000 children have benefited from Alliance For Children’s teamed investigations and coordinated approach. Alliance For Children is a nonprofit organization that operates child-friendly centers located in Arlington, Fort Worth, Hurst and Lakeside. It is our mission to protect Tarrant County children from child abuse through teamed investigations, healing services and community education.

For this Take Action Impact Project. You will be creating Encouragement Cards for children who are going through court cases from suffering abuse. These cards are for them to open when they are having a bad day or feeling down and defeated.

I have attached some example picture below of cards. Feel free to be creative with the cards. You can create word searches, include encouraging quotes, or happy pictures. On the outside of the envelope you could say something like “Thinking of You” or “Open when you are having a bad day.” This is just a few examples, you can personalize cards however you like. For more information about Alliance for Children click here.

Items you will need:

  • Different colored construction paper
  • Different color markers, pens, etc.
  • Stickers
  • Table
  • Printable coloring pages (optional)


  • Decide what color paper you want to make your card
  • Begin writing an encouraging message (I will provide some examples and tips below)
  • Add, stickers, fun quotes, printable coloring pages..FEEL FREE TO BE CREATIVE!
  • Fill out the event form and download the reflection guide to reflect with your group! This is located on the Take Action Impact Project home page.
  • Deliver cards to Alliance for Children.

Contact Information:

Alliance for Children

908 Southland Ave. Fort Worth, TX, 76109

(817) 335-7172