Start a New Student Organization at TCU

Do you have an idea for a new student organization? That’s great! We have some questions for you to consider below as well as the new organization application process outline for you below.

    • How can you distinguish your proposed organization from all existing TCU student organizations?
    • What do you hope to accomplish in your organization? What are your goals?
    • How will you reach out to potential new members and ensure that your organization is sustainable?
  • Update Engage page frequently (at a minimum of once a semester)
    • Roster, Forms, Events, Photos
  • Maintain and/or increase membership
    • Have members from all class years; Expand from class year/major/friend group
  • Meetings
    • Consistent connections – at least 1 meeting or event a month
  • Dues / Finances
  • Your Human Capital
    • Ensure student leaders are prepared and communicating
    • Advisor involvement and support
  • Starting a new student organization is a great opportunity to enhance the campus community and create a unique space for other students to gather around shared values.

All student organizations must be approved for University recognition by the Office of Student Organizations. The Office of Student Organizations will review all applications and will take into consideration the following: diversity of programming and membership, the likelihood of sustainability, merit, and qualifications of the proposed organization, its proposed impact on TCU and beyond, and constitution policies. Institutional recognition may not be granted if the policies and practices of the organization are in conflict with the University or if the organization’s proposed activities will expose the University to unmanageable liability risks.

Undergraduate students must have completed 1 full semester at TCU prior to applying to start an organization (this applies to both incoming first-year students and transfer students.) For example, if you come to TCU in the fall, you will need to wait to apply until the spring and if you enter TCU in the spring, you will need to wait to apply until the fall. This allows you time to understand what is already available at TCU, to know how much time you need to devote to your studies and other student organizations, and to envision your proposed organization.
Additionally, if you are applying as a senior, you will need to have 1 full semester remaining at TCU. For example, if you are graduating in spring, you will need to apply in the fall. This will assist with sustainability as you have time to garner more members to take over the leadership when you graduate.

After reviewing the above information, any student wishing to start an organization should complete the following steps:

  1. Meet with Student Organizations. Schedule a meeting time with a representative from the Office of Student Organizations to discuss your organization and review the application process.
  2. Secure an advisor. An advisor can be a faculty or staff member. Be sure that the advisor has an understanding of your mission, goals and activities as an organization and has time to dedicate to your group.
  3. Find interested students. Secure 10 students who are in good standing with the University who would commit to being members, if your organization is approved.
  4. Submit the “Request to Charter New Organization” form to TCU Student Organizations during the designated recognition period. New organization applications are accepted in September  for the Fall semester and February for the Spring semester.  Applications are not accepted during the summer.  You will receive this link to apply once you meet with a representative from the Office of Student Organizations.
  5. For students seeking to start a new organization that is a Social Fraternity, Religious Organization, and/or Sport Club: Because of the specialized nature of such organizations, these organizations require that you meet with a representative from their respective departments first before seeking University recognition. Contact the Office of Student Organizations to receive that staff members’ name and contact information.
  6. Attend the mandatory New Organization Orientation. If approved, the president & advisor are both required to attend this training.

Organization Management Resources

Students play a game of Spikeball on the lawn between Waits and Foster residence halls on Monday, March 25, 2019, at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. (AP Photo/Jeffrey McWhorter)..

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