Student Success

The Student Success team supports students throughout their time at TCU by creating meaningful and high-impact programs and services.

Leaders for Life

This four-year selective cohort sets students up for success in and outside the classroom.

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TCU Transfer Services

TCU Transfer Services is the place for transfer students. Whether you are transferring to TCU or a current transfer student, we are here to help you get connected and be successful at TCU. We are excited to help you transition to TCU and find your place in the Horned Frog Family.

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Programs by Class Year

There is something special available for each class at TCU, take a look at specific programs we have for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.


The Sophomore Getaway is a 2-day, off-campus retreat experience designed to help second-year students explore issues of purpose, identity, and life direction with peers and faculty/staff guides. Utilizing personal reflection, small group experiences, and large group sessions, the Sophomore Getaway provides students the opportunity to:

    • Connect with peers experiencing similar life challenges
    • Build relationships with faculty/staff guides who ask good questions and offer wise counsel
    • Make meaning of the first year-and-a-half of college
    • Develop understanding and skills about resilience in the midst of life’s demands and adversities
    • Gain clarity about priorities, choices, commitments, and future direction
    • All this, plus fun, relaxation, great food, and nice accommodations

The Sophomore Getaway happens in January each year and advertisements and registration happen in the fall.

Leadership opportunities include the Sophomore Getaway Director Board with applications typically available in the spring!


The Sophomore Pinning celebrates your return to campus. The purpose of this event is to recognize the demonstrated intent of sophomores to complete their education at TCU, encourage sophomores to assume their role as rising campus leaders, and foster a stronger connection and deeper affinity to their class and the institution as a whole.

Students will participate in a brief ceremony, receive a class pin, and enjoy entertainment. Parent and family members are welcome to attend. Seating may be limited due to space and registration is required for planning purposes. More details below:

First created in 2002, The Ferrari Mission Award was given annually by Student Government to honor students who lived and carried out the University’s mission statement. Today, the Chancellor’s Office and Student Development Services partner in providing Mission Statement Scholarships totaling $6,000 each year. Three students (rising seniors) are presented a $2,000 award at the Celebration of University Leadership in recognition for demonstrating excellence in fulfilling the TCU mission.


To educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.

Applications will open in the spring!
Questions? Please email

Application Process

Each application must include the following items:

1) Three letters of recommendation to be submitted online >> CLICK HERE FOR FORM

One from each of these categories:

1. TCU Faculty Member (Professor)
2. TCU Faculty Member or Professional Staff Member
3. Anyone Inside or Outside the TCU Community

We have provided a helpful information sheet for applicants to take to their recommenders with online submission instructions and more. 2020 MSS – Recommendation Request Sheet

2) A well crafted resume
Applicants are advised to have resumes critiqued by University Career Services prior to submission. Resume highlights will be submitted as part of the application process.

3) A reflective writing submission
Applicants submit responses to the following questions, separately addressing each of the five sections:

An Educated Individual (150-250 words)
What is the most meaningful way you have become an educated individual while at TCU?
What is a specific example of how you plan to become a more educated individual as a TCU alumna or alumnus?

An Ethical Leader (150-250 words)
What is the most meaningful thing you have learned about ethical leadership while at TCU?
How have you demonstrated ethical leadership?
What is a specific example of how you plan to apply ethical leadership as a TCU alumna or alumnus?

A Responsible Citizen (150-250 words)
What is the most meaningful thing you have learned about responsible citizenship while at TCU?
How have you demonstrated responsible citizenship?
What is a specific example of how you plan to act as a responsible citizen as a TCU alumna or alumnus?

The Global Community (150-250 words)
What is the most meaningful thing you have learned about the global community while at TCU?
How have you been involved in the global community?
What is a specific example of how you plan to be involved with the global community as a TCU alumna or alumnus?

What else about you would you like the selection committee to consider? (100-150 words)


Selection Process
A diverse selection committee from the TCU community is called on to review applications. Members of the selection committee cannot serve as recommenders for scholarship applicants. Members of the committee judge applications in consideration of the Cognitive and Ethical Capacities for TCU Students issued by the TCU Quality Enhancement Council. The various parts of the application are each scored and weighted as follows:

Reflective Writing Submission – 60%
Letters of Recommendation – 30% (10% each)
Resume Highlights – 10%

After scoring, the committee selects 6 finalists to be reviewed by the Chancellor and Provost, who then select the three scholarship recipients.


**TCU juniors who are in good standing with the university are eligible to apply. December graduates are welcome to participate. Students are only allowed to apply once so if you are just barely a junior by hours, but will remain a junior during the next application period, you may have more to write about at that later time. Use your best judgment to decide when to apply, but know you are only eligible to apply once.

NOTE: Students currently receiving any type of scholarship or financial aid, including those on a tuition benefit or tuition exchange because they have a family member working at TCU or another university, should contact financial aid prior to applying to make sure they are eligible. It is the responsibility of the applicant to check their eligibility.

Lunch Lottery is an opportunity for students in their junior year to dine with a faculty or staff member and begin a new mentoring relationship. Lunch Lottery discussions can center around topics like educational journeys, career development, internships, graduate school, and healthy lifestyles.

Many rewarding mentoring relationships and connections have been made as a result of a Lunch Lottery match up! From connections in industries to internships to learning more about professions or fields of study- both juniors and TCU faculty and staff enjoy and benefit from Lunch Lottery.

Lunch Lottery happens each spring and registration takes place online.

Virtual Party – August 8

TCU will honor May and August 2020 graduates with online festivities that include a Facebook Live event at 4 p.m., Saturday August 8, where each graduate’s name will scroll across the scoreboard at the Ed and Rae Schollmaier Arena.

“The class of 2020 is very special. This global pandemic has disrupted so many of their plans and dreams, but they have continued to respond with grace, grit and resiliency. I couldn’t be more proud of their ability to adapt, persevere and innovate in the face of every new challenge that comes their way. They are inspiring examples of Horned Frogs who lead on,” Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. said. “And while we can’t laud their many accomplishments and milestones in person right now, we can celebrate them online.”

Online Celebration – Class of 2020

Graduates are receiving an email with a link to upload photos to be included in a Class of 2020 commemorative mosaic. Grads can also show their Horned Frog Class of 2020 pride by posting pics on their favorite social media accounts using the hashtag #TCUgrad2020.

Diplomas, Caps & Gowns

May graduates’ diplomas were mailed earlier this summer. August graduates can pick up their diplomas on campus or have them mailed to your permanent address. Deluxe diploma covers will be mailed to graduates’ permanent address along with a tassel and commencement program.

TCU’s signature purple graduation gowns will be available for photo ops and family celebrations. Click here to find out how to get your rental.

Additional Information

Please find more information about Commencement at the main web site:

SDS is proud to present members of the Class of 2020. These students were nominated and selected to share their stories with the TCU community. Their stories focus on finding your fit, diversity, equity & inclusion, discovering your passions, building community and embracing change. You do not want to miss even one of the incredible stories below!

Clayton Dana-Bashian | The Long Walk – A Discussion of Loss and Support Systems in College

Jacob Buttry | Lessons from My Mental Health Journey

Makenzie Honeywell | Set Your Heart on Fire

Anna Breck | Embracing (and even learning to love) Change

Jeromy McKnight | Passing the Torch

Seniors hear from guest speakers and participate in workshops on the skills and information required for success after graduation, such as:

    • Researching & Applying to Graduate/Professional Programs
    • Making the Most of Graduate/Professional School
    • Financial Management & Planning
    • Entering the Job Market
    • Relocation & Independent Living
    • Getting Along at Work: Ethics and Etiquette in the Workplace
    • Building a New Social Life

Financial Wellness

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Student Success Coaching & Resources

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Model UN

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