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TCU Pilot Tutoring Initiative

Qualified peer tutors to help students identify specific challenges, establish procedures for addressing those problems, and provide useful, immediate feedback concerning their progress. All tutors have completed a 10-hour training program, developed in accordance with the requirements of the College Reading and Learning Association certification program.


Meta-Tutoring is an opportunity for students to meet with peer tutors who can assist them with concepts such as study skills, strategies for increased success in classes, and referrals to campus resources.  Meta-tutors are able to meet with any student, no matter the major.  Click here to schedule a Meta-Tutoring appointment.

Subject Area Tutoring

Click the course below to schedule an appointment.  It is important that the link you select corresponds with the class you are taking (i.e. Business Statistics, Statistics, and Elementary Statistics are all separate classes that each have a different tutor). Appointments are thirty minutes each, individual, and scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.







*The TCU Math Clinic also offers free drop-in tutoring for undergraduates taking math classes. This semester the Clinic is online. If you are a TCU student you can access the TCU Math Clinic via the Zoom link. If you wish you can see the Tutor Schedule.