Class of 2022 & Transfer Students

The First Year Experience offers programs throughout the year to help you transition to TCU. In the summer, you will start by attending Orientation, Frog Camp and Frogs First.  Many students continue their FYE journey with the Connections program in the fall.

Fall Semester

  • Connections
    • For more support in your transition to TCU, join Connections! This mentor/mentee program will help you connect to TCU and develop your leadership skills.
  • FYE “Find Your Fit”
    • Explore leadership opportunities available to first year students.
  • Dinner with TCU Vice Chancellor
    • Rub elbows with the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Kathy Cavins-Tull.
  • Surviving Your First Finals
    • Play with therapy puppies, get advice from advisors and professors, and prepare for your first college finals.
  • Apply for Orientation Leader or Connections Mentor
    • Did you love Orientation and Connections as a First Year Student? Take your involvement to the next level and apply to be a leader in the program!

Your First Year Experience journey continues in the spring. Students entering TCU in January attend Orientation and Frog Camp Tundra and a variety of programs are offered throughout the spring semester.

Spring Semester

  • FYE Leadership Positions
    • Apply for Frog Camp Facilitator or Frogs First Leader
    • Train in small group facilitation skills
  • Puppies & Popsicles
    • Play with therapy puppies, grab a popsicle, get advice from advisors and professors, and prepare for your spring finals


Orientation prepares new students and their families to successfully transition into the Horned Frog Community. At Orientation you’ll be advised, enroll in classes, meet new and current TCU students, faculty, and staff, and learn what it means to be an ethical leader and responsible citizen in the global community.

Frog Camp

Frog Camp prepares new students for life outside of the classroom at TCU. Whether it’s rafting down the Taylor River in Colorado, walking along the Berlin Wall, line dancing in the Fort Worth Stockyards, or conquering Grimy Games, each camp lets new students make friends, discuss college issues, and prepare for life as a Horned Frog.

Frogs First

Frogs First happens the first weekend at TCU in the fall. During these few days new students are challenged, connected to the campus community, and set up to be successful and fulfilled Horned Frogs.


Connections is a 7 week, small-group centered leadership development program designed to help new students transition successfully into the TCU community. Students focus on their Strengths, according to Gallup’s StrengthsQuest, while learning the ways in which their personal lives and leadership styles are connected to the larger community.