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You think Frog Camp was fun as a camper? It’s more fun as a facilitator!

How do I apply to be a facilitator?

Applications open in November and close in January. Students must complete the application through OrgSync and sign up for an interview. As part of the application process, students must submit a resume. Applicants will receive decision letters in February.
Every year approximately 400 students apply to become facilitators. Students selected as facilitators will have an opportunity to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills as they share their passion with new Horned Frogs over the summer.

What do facilitators do at Camp?

There are two facilitators and a faculty/staff partner assigned to each small group. As a facilitator, you will be responsible for facilitating small group discussions, leading activities, and engaging new students in the development of new friendships. The priority for facilitators at camp is to ensure the safety and positive experience of your campers. Facilitators are only responsible to attend the camp that you were selected to lead. That means, over the summer, you are committing to only five days. This gives you plenty of time to pick up a part-time job or an internship.

How are facilitators selected?

Frog Camp is a student-run program. Facilitator applications are available in late fall and you will have an opportunity to interview for the position when you return for the spring semester. Frog Camp interviews are conducted by the Frog Camp Director Board and each interview will consist of approximately 6 directors interviewing two students at a time. Once all the interviews are conducted, the Frog Camp Director Board will meet and select the facilitators for their camps. You do not need to have gone to Frog Camp to apply to be a facilitator.

What qualities make the best facilitators?

We are looking for positive role models for incoming students. Successful facilitators can demonstrate good communication skills, approachability, and of course passion for TCU. Beyond that, Frog Camp looks for all types of different personalities, backgrounds, beliefs, and skills.

What training do facilitators receive?

Before you go to camp, facilitators participate in over 40 hours of training. Training includes facilitation skills, QPR, and camp-specific training. You will get a chance to work with your co-facilitators while you meet the rest of your camp staff.

How much do facilitators get paid?

Frog Camp is a voluntary leadership position. You compensation is two t-shirts, a water bottle, and a lifelong friends and memories.

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