How To Prepare

☐ Check your TCU email daily! All official university communication and orientation information will be sent to this address. Once your have been accepted and submitted your enrollment deposit, go to and use the same username and password you use for

☐ Submit Health and Immunization here & Review Student Health Insurance here

☐ Complete Placement Tests. TCU requires placement tests for undergraduate students to ensure that you are advised properly and enroll at the appropriate level to begin your studies. Placements tests are offered in Foreign Language and Math. For detailed information on placement tests, visit the Center for Academic Services website.

☐ Language Placement: Students who plan to enroll in a foreign language course, either by choice or because it is required by their major, should review the Guidelines for Determining Foreign Language Placement.

☐ Math Placement: The TCU Core Curriculum requires every student to satisfy a Mathematical Reasoning requirement. To review math course placements and prerequisites, visit Mathematics Core Credit & Placement .

☐ Prepare for Advising and Enrollment. Students will be advised and register for their first semester courses while attending Orientation. Depending on a student’s chosen area of study**, the advising process may look different as each college has their own requirements and processes. Students should prepare for the advising process by reviewing the Core Curriculum and thinking about your chosen area of study (see the Course Catalog here). Students should not pick classes prior to attending orientation as important information will be given to you during your session. Students may check here for information on TCU credit for Dual credit, transfer credit, International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP), and College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Please note that while you may change your desired major at orientation, you may not switch to a business or nursing major at orientation due to college restrictions.  If would like to make a major change it is best to contact admissions at least 10 business days prior to orientation.  

☐ Closed Classes: Students and their families should be aware that the University commitment to high quality classroom experiences dictates the closing of classes when enrollment in a specific section (time) is at capacity. However, most course offerings are available at a variety of different times (sections) so that a closed section usually means a student will be able to take the course at a different time. If all sections of a particular course are closed, please be assured that every student will have the opportunity to enroll for a full load of classes.

☐ For those that will be requesting accommodations for a physical or learning disability, each eligible student must present to the Student Disabilities Services Coordinator relevant, verifiable, professional documentation and/or assessment reports that meet the University’s official guidelines. Visit for more information on services, procedures, documentation and FAQs.

☐ Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Online Training. Students will receive information about this mandatory online training with a link to their TCU email prior to Orientation.


**Students may switch into any major before orientation except business, nursing, and strategic communication.   Any change to strategic communication must be done prior to June 1 (students will have to apply to get into the program the following spring semester).  Those interested in nursing must be admitted as a nursing major and will not be allowed to change their major to nursing until they have completed a semester at TCU and earned a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.  Those interested in changing into business should contact Admissions at least 10 business days prior to their orientation session.  Otherwise there will be an opportunity to make major changes (except for business, nursing, and strategic communication) during the orientation.  But you may not be advised by an adviser in your new major.


What To Bring

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