Events & Opportunities

Your third year at TCU challenges you to make connections on and off campus to expand your network and strengthen your commitments to TCU and the community.

Lunch Roulette

  • Created in 2014, Lunch Roulette is an opportunity for students in their junior year to dine with a faculty or staff member related to their program of study. The discussions center around such topics as career development, internships, graduate school, and healthy lifestyles.

Mission Statement Scholarships (Spring- Applications, Fall- Awards)

  • Created in 2002, The Ferrari Mission Award was awarded annually by Student Government to honor a student who lived and carried out the University’s mission statement. Today, Mission Statement Scholarships totaling $6,000 are presented at the Senior Ring Ceremony in recognition of rising seniors who have demonstrated excellence in fulfilling the TCU Mission Statement.

One Million Reasons- Financial Literacy at TCU

  • The TCU Financial Literacy program is designed to help students understand basic money management skills such as budgeting, credit, investments, and debt.  With the chosen curriculum, FOUNDATIONS in Personal Finance developed by Dave Ramsey, OMR has both online and in-person tools to help students understand the importance of their financial future.