About CLP

The Chancellor’s Leadership Program (CLP) is a 3.5 year, cohort-based program that strives to identify and accept students that are passionate about leadership development and creating social change in their communities.  The application process takes place during the fall semester.  Students selected for CLP participate in weekly seminar meetings, retreats, a mentorship program, a legacy project, and additional community and service opportunities.

Weekly seminar meetings are held on Thursdays from 3:30-5:00 pm.

First Year Cohort Spring Seminar: Social Change Model & Strengths
Sophomore Cohort Fall Seminar: Identity of a Leader
Sophomore Cohort Spring Seminar: Ethical Leadership
Junior Cohort Fall & Spring Seminar: Responsible Citizenship
Senior Cohort Fall & Spring: Senior Legacy Project Implementation & Graduation Banquet

Director Board

The CLP Director Board is a driving force behind the progression and success of CLP. The Director Board consists of CLP Fellows representative of each class year (sophomore – senior) in the program. Members collaborate with the Leadership Center Staff on issues related to CLP including:
• oversight of the recruitment and application process of new Fellows
• planning and implementation of CLP service opportunities
• hosting CLP Fellow events
• hosting the annual Senior Legacy Graduation Banquet

Director Board members serve for a term of two years. The application and selection process takes place in the spring of each year.

Current CLP Director Board Members:

  • Class of 2018:
    • Brooke Barlock
    • Philip Crain
    • Rachel Manning
  • Class of 2019:
    • Enrique Garcia
    • Jennifer McCartin
    • Michelle Nguyen (Director Board Chair)
  • Class of 2020:
    • Kendall Wulbrun
    • Pamela Swan
    • Julian Cooley
    • Anita Pai