Connections Directors

Meet the 2017 Connections Directors!

Brittany Lewandowski
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Information Systems
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
CNX Position: Marketing & Communication
Fun Fact: I do not have a middle name!



Nate Lester
Year: Sophomore
Major: Finance
Hometown: Kinderhook, New York
CNX Position: Program Development
Fun Fact: I am a twin!



Mason Floyd
Year: Sophomore
Major: Economics
Hometown: Springfield, Missouri
CNX Position: Director of Operations
Fun Fact: My dream job as a kid was to work at McDonalds.



Brooke Morrissy
Year: Junior
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Denton, Texas
CNX Position: Mentor Support
Fun Fact: Before attending graduate school, I would like to be a Disney Princess!



Meet our wonderful staff advisors!

Eric Ekwueme
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Staff Position: Assistant Director, Leadership Center
Fun Fact: I held the torch in the ’96 Olympic torch relay!




Annie Bures
Hometown: Pasadena, California
Staff Position: Coordinator, First Year Experience
Fun Fact: I am allergic to pineapple!

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