Student Organizations

What We Do

The Student Organizations Office is here to provide resources and connections to new students, organization leaders, and organization advisors. Whether you join an organization, start an organization or lead an organization, the Student Organizations Office is where it happens!

We are committed to being a resource and place of connection for all students on campus. Whether you are just beginning at TCU or nearing the end of your TCU journey, we are here to help you develop your leadership, connect you with dynamic organizations, and challenge you to connect with a diverse campus community.

How We Do It

The Student Organizations Office provides the following:

  • Supports student leaders and student members of the 250+ registered TCU Student Organizations
  • Support the development of new student organizations
  • Supports the faculty and staff advisors of all registered TCU Student Organizations
  • Oversight of risk management and safety policies for all TCU Student Organizations
  • Host events, programs, snd educational workshops to build leadership capacities and strengthen the TCU community

Contact Us

Location: 2901 Stadium Drive, Brown-Lupton University Union, Suite 2003, Fort Worth, Texas 76129

Call: 817-257-7855

Online: TCU Engage