Senior Send Off

Senior Send Off 2019
March 29 – March 31
Camp El Tesoro

Attention Seniors! Prepare yourself for a wonderful weekend of fun, reflection and relaxation!

Senior Send Off is an off-campus retreat experience just for graduating TCU seniors. Through large group activities and small group discussions led by TCU alumni facilitators, attendees will have the opportunities to reflect on their college experience and envision their future, whatever that next step may be. Most importantly, Senior Send Off will be a time for attendees to celebrate their time at TCU through sharing memories and engaging in fun activities with fellow seniors throughout the weekend.

Senior Send Off is free-of-charge with transportation, housing, and meals provided.

Comments from past attendees:

“Having the alumni as facilitators was the most helpful part of Senior Send Off to me. I enjoyed being able to hear about their experiences post-graduation.”

“My favorite part is that I got to make tons of friends from different majors.”

“I didn’t know I needed it – but THANK YOU.”

“By far the best retreat I experienced at TCU”

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