Senior Re-Orientation

Seniors have the opportunity to participate in both Senior (Dis)Orientation and Senior Re-Orientation during this last year at TCU. These programs are designed to help them get the most out of the last year and prepare for life after college. Although complimentary to one another, each focuses on a different set of needs and addresses them in different ways.

Senior Re-Orientation

Senior Re-Orientation provides seniors with a series of meaningful activities and discussions, providing both valuable information and opportunities for reflection on their experiences and preparing for their next steps in life. Areas of emphasis include lifelong learning, leadership, and citizenship. The program is designed to help seniors demonstrate awareness of their developmental needs as whole human beings in these ways:

  • Identifying different vectors, dimensions, or areas for their continued growth and wellbeing.
  • Recognizing important tasks associated with those vectors, etc.
  • Exercising forethought and planning by identifying post-graduation needs, resources to address them, and creating relevant action plans.
  • Engaging in celebration and closure of the undergraduate experience.
  • Documenting insight from reflection upon the significance of their college experiences by identifying resulting changes in their interests, values, beliefs, and skills.
  • Considering their future roles as learners, ethical leaders, responsible citizens, and global citizens by identifying possible situations and behaviors through which they can employ their strengths toward those ends


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