Sophomore Events & Opportunities

Your second year at TCU brings great opportunities to develop as a leader on campus.

Sophomore Week
Sophomore Week is a week-long series of programs and activities directed towards second-year students and their continued development. Programs include a Study Abroad Informational Lunch, the Second Year Pinning, a Sophomore Fair, and other events designed to help sophomore students continue to navigate the campus and celebrate their class year.

Second Year Pinning
The Second-Year Pinning celebrates the return to campus of the previous year’s incoming class. The purpose of the event is to recognize and celebrate the demonstrated intent of sophomores to complete their education at TCU, encourage sophomores to assume their role as rising campus student leaders, and foster among sophomores a stronger connection and deeper affinity to their class and the institution as a whole.

Sophomore Getaway
Held annually in January, the Sophomore Getaway is an off-campus retreat experience designed to help second-year students explore issues of purpose, identity, resilience, and life direction with peers and faculty/staff guides.

Financial Literacy
One Million Reasons (OMR) is a program aimed at increasing student financial literacy and wellness. It is important that students be equipped to understand and make sound financial decisions with the future in mind. Learn more HERE.