Personal Wellbeing & Development

Wellness & Safety

RAD (Rape Agression Defense Systems) Class for Women

Froggie Five-O Escort Program for Women

Campus Life/Victim Advocate Program

Counseling Center

Health Center

Academic Advancement

Women’s Studies

Gender Related Academic Courses – Coming Soon!

Career Preparation

$alary $mart Negotiation Workshop for Women – more information coming soon!

Leadership Development

Student Orgs

Gender Related Conferences
TX Council on Diversity Women’s Symposium (fall)

TX Council on Diversity in Leadership Conference (spring – April 4-6, 2012)

AAUW & NASPA (summer)

Gender in Leadership Co-Curricular Seminar
Offered Spring Semester through the TCU Leadership Center. This course will give students the tools needed to grow as leaders with special attention paid to gender and gender roles. Through interactive sessions, self-reflection and discussion students will further understand the connection between gender and leadership while developing strategies to lead effectively. The course seeks to develop gender conscious leaders who are able to understand and navigate the complex balance between gender, power, privilege and leadership.


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