Student Success Coaching

Student Success Coaching is an opportunity for students to benefit from one-on-one success coaching within a solution-focused model.

Coaches will assist students with identifying challenges, connecting with resources, creating action plans, and providing referrals to campus services and opportunities resulting in an increase in student persistence and success at TCU.


Here is the process for students:

  • The student signs up for a meeting and completes a Pre-Session Survey.
  • The initial coaching session will include conversation about the student’s experiences, values, goals, progress at TCU, successes and challenges in and out of the classroom, strengths, support system, wellness, interests, involvements, schedule, etc.
  • The student will collaborate with the coach to create an Individual Action Plan.
  • The coach will recommend subsequent sessions and the student will choose whether they feel that would be valuable to them.
  • The student will complete a Post-Session Survey.
  • The coach will send an email follow-up and Post-Coaching Survey so that the Student Success Team can study the effectiveness of the coaching program and make changes as needed.


Location: Brown Lupton University Union (BLUU) Suite 2003 (Student Development Services)