TCU Parent & Family Update- October 2, 2018

This message was sent to the campus community on Tuesday, October 2, 2018.


Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,


Yesterday was an interesting and difficult day for our campus community.  Many watched and some participated as Steven Crowder, a self-proclaimed conservative political commentator, actor and comedian, engaged passersby in the filming of his podcast.  Mr. Crowder makes his living by posing a divisive statement to a group, often college students, and asking them to change his mind.  His method of operation is to garner a reaction from individuals, which he in turn, makes fun of while filming for his show.   Here are a couple of facts about yesterday’s event:

  1. TCU did not host, nor did any group host, Mr. Crowder.
  2. He positioned himself on a public sidewalk on a public street.
  3. His language and ideas, while offensive, are protected by the United States Constitution.

Yesterday’s appearance and topic coincided with the national conversation about sexual assault.  For some of the members of our community, it was a day of pain and anguish.  For others, a day of disappointment that the university failed to remove the source of their pain from the public sidewalk.  I want to acknowledge the pain that I saw yesterday and the disappointment that I heard.  I also want to acknowledge those who used their voices to oppose to Mr. Crowder and even to criticize the University.  Speech is protected for you, too.

Thank you to SGA, Panhellenic and others tabling today and continuing the conversation in support of a culture of respect.  Thank you to the student sitting on the public sidewalk and those who use their voices to push back on the university in support of better ways to host conversations that are controversial.  We are a community, and in the marketplace of ideas, the best remedy for bad ideas are good ideas.  Let’s keep talking.

If you are in need of some assistance, please make use of our services.  Walk-ins are welcome in any of the following offices:

Counseling Center

Religious and Spiritual Life

Campus Life




Kathy Cavins-Tull, PhD

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs