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Tips for Successful Online Learning

  • Active participation: unmute and make a comment, ask a question, use the reaction icons, participate in chats/discussions.
  • Camera on: if you can, having your camera on keeps you accountable and creates opportunity for interaction, verbal and non-verbal- it’ more interactive for person at laptopeveryone.
  • Communicate with faculty: faculty are at TCU because they want to teach and interact with undergraduate students. Outside of class, email them, ask for a phone call or a virtual meeting, visit their office hours even if virtual. Ask about their experiences and for their insight.
  • 3 credit hour class = 3 hours class time and 3 hours on-your-own study time. This is still true when you are taking a class online.
  • Review all syllabi
  • Put everything in a planner or calendar- class time, study groups, deadlines, readings due, tests, labs, job hours, appointments, organization dates, etc.
  • Make a habit of reviewing a few days ahead and keeping your schedule/deadlines on your radar.clock and calendar
  • Either use your planner as a checklist, or create a dedicated check list- short and long term tasks.
  • Specify time for class, studying, reading, being active, relaxing, eating and sleeping- stick to it.
  • Dedicate a good surface for working- desk, table, etc. When you are not working, move away from it to create separation.
  • Get a supportive chair. student desk
  • Mute notifications on devices and turn off unnecessary apps during work sessions or class.
  • Consider headphones to block out noise.
  • Notice how you feel after a long work session and adjust for your comfort and endurance.
    • Form a study group or join one.
    • Create discussions, share notes and ideas, and collaborate online.
    • Use study rooms, pods and common spaces and the TCU Landing Zones to get out of your room for class or study time. thought bubbles
  • Seek tutoring before you’re in a cram state exchange of thoughts
  • Make an appointment for Student Success Coaching for 1-1 custom strategy and support
  • Meet with your advisor, the earlier the better. They are there for more than class selection!
  • Set up an appointment with the office of Student Access and Accommodations if you think you might have a learning difference or need to register one.
  • Explore resources related to specific TCU Online: including the Student How-to Hub (