Transitions Overview and Welcome


In November of 1998, a small committee formed under the direction of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs tasked with understanding the core issues of students in transition. Building on the work of the First Year Experience Task Force, the small group surveyed the TCU campus for programs and services focused on each of the four years of the undergraduate experience to determine what is done and should be done for each transition year, beginning with incoming students and continuing through their senior year.

In 2002, a proposal was created to create a comprehensive transition program that will shape the journey of students during their time at TCU. Utilizing the TCU Mission Statement as the guiding principle, a four-year developmental agenda was created to balance the challenge and support needed in the lives of our students. “Experience Groups” were formed for each year with members from the faculty, staff, returning students, and alumni of TCU. Over the course of four years, the four year experience program known as TCU Transitions was born.

Since that time, various iterations of the work groups have worked together on creating a seamless student experience that focuses on students transitioning in, transitioning through, and transitioning out of TCU. Currently, there are seven dedicated staff members in TCU Transitions (a part of Student Development Services) that focus on creating opportunities that foster student learning and development while connecting students to TCU.

If you are an undergraduate student at TCU, don’t miss out on the great opportunities that are available to you through the TCU Transitions program. Participate in Frog Camp. Attend the Sophomore Getaway, Connect with your class year. Participate in Frog It Forward. Become a part of the history and legacy of TCU and know what it means to be a Horned Frog for Life.

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