Wassenich Guidelines

Nominations for the 2020 award will be accepted January 17 – February 7, 2020.

Nomination Form

Guidelines for Nominations

Eligibility for the award is limited to active, full-time TCU faculty and staff.  Individual nominations only please; no group nominations.

The nomination form asks you to share how you met your mentor, how they have impacted your TCU experience, and some of the most important lessons you have learned from your mentor.  In addition to these questions, there is space to give your nomination maximum impact by addressing how your mentor demonstrates these five criteria:

1- Commitment to TCU.
2- Participation in student co-curricular activities, leadership organizations, and academic pursuits outside the classroom.
3- Serves as a role model in their personal and professional lives.
4- Positively impacts student’s lives and their intellectual, social, and cultural development.
5- Consistently goes above and beyond their job description.

You are welcome to nominate two individuals– one faculty member and one staff member. Please nominate each person on a different form.

Please email any questions to wassenich@tcu.edu.

A copy of your nomination may be presented to your nominee, so please, make it something of which you and the nominee can be proud.


A mentor is not just a sponsor who appears at any time in the life span. A mentor is one who assists in the transition from conventions of assumed thought to the responsibilities of critical thought. A mentor recognizes and beckons forth the emerging competencies of the young adult. A mentor also serves as a beacon and bearer of images which anchor and guide the emerging promise of the young adult life. A mentor is not enough . . . nothing less than a mentoring community will do.  -Sharon Parks


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